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Immunology Catalog

You can order the   Immunology Catalog by mail or you can search our online shop for immunology products including antibodies, antisera, EIA kits, and RIA kits.

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January 2015

Immunology Feature Products



Neurokinin A



Cat. No. Description
  S-1218    Neurokinin A - EIA Kit, Host: Rabbit, High Sensitivity, CE-marked
  S-2158 Neurokinin A - RIA Kit, Host: Rabbit, CE-marked


Neurokinin B


Cat. No. Description
  S-1271    Neurokinin B - EIA Kit (H - sr, pl), Host: Rabbit, Extraction-free, CE-marked
  S-1219 Neurokinin B - EIA Kit, Host: Rabbit, High Sensitivity, CE-marked
  S-2159 Neurokinin B - RIA Kit , Host: Rabbit, CE-marked

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Immunoassay Accessory Products

  Cat. No. Description
  S-5000    Extraction Kit (contains Y-1000, Y-1040, and Y-1045)
  Y-1000 SEP-Columns (50/box)
  Y-1040 Buffer A
  Y-1045 Buffer B
  Y-1060 Standard Diluent - H

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